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Terms of Service

Repair Service Terms

I understand there is NO REFUND if it is concluded that the computer cannot be repaired after thorough troubleshooting has been conducted or I refuse further repair, which may include additional costs.

HERITAGE COMPUTER SERVICE, LLC will not be liable for any lost data or unforeseen hardware failures not discovered at the pre-screening. In the event of hardware failure during the repair process, HERITAGE COMPUTER SERVICE, LLC will exercise due diligence to effect resolution to hardware failure, if possible, at no additional cost. Successful resolution is not guaranteed and does not constitute a refund of payment for repairs.

Removal of malware, viruses, adware, spyware, or any other malicious infections on your computer does not guarantee that you will not be infected by such malicious code in the future.

Payment for Off Shelf Products

Any off-the-shelf/in-stock or special order products or components used prior to service must be paid up-front.
HERITAGE COMPUTER SERVICE will notify me when my equipment is repaired, or if additional costs are required to repair my equipment.

I agree that payment of any remaining balance owed is due at the time of delivery of my computer

Contacting the Customer

I understand that HERITAGE COMPUTER SERVICE will make every attempt to contact me.  If HERITAGE COMPUTER SERVICE is unsuccessful in contacting me at the phone numbers I provided, it will be my responsibility to contact HERITAGE COMPUTER SERVICE no later than 5 days after pick up of my equipment for repairs.

Balances On Account

Your account will be overdue 11 calendar days from date of invoice.  After 30 days from the date of the invoice, your account will be turned over to the Howard County Courts for Collections without further notice.  No exceptions.  This will serve as your only notice.

Insufficient Fund Checks

A $27.50 charge will be applied to your invoice on any returned checks. You will be contacted by phone, at which time you will have 2 business days to pay the balance and insufficient funds charge. On the 3rd business day, your account will be turned over to the local prosecuting attorney as a hot check without notice.